Çarşamba, Ekim 07, 2015

Prelude to Death

This summer
Will not end for me.
‘cause they are all gathered
And picked:

My sorrows,
Ultimate pains of me,
My lessons to learn,
My bad attitudes,
And dreams of me

- all packed in-

It’s high time for me,
I shall take them and

The luggage of life
I carried, all these years
 Reclessly, is not only my load now
Is also the divine vessel of me.

If this is hell,
I promise to you
There sure should be
A heaven…
Where I can clean all this mess
Off and away from me.

This summer is my last summer,
Thus it will not end for me.

Shed no tears, and feel no pain
Please, just, understand
That I could not fit in.
That it was cruel, shamefull and too heavy.

This is not an occult spell,
My head is completely on me,
This is just the last summer
The last summer I shall see.

‘cause I have decided
To put it all behind
And leave…

Out to the sea.
I am not drowning.
I just want to leave.

(for N, N için...)


7 Ekim 2015